Step Lights

The introduction of step lights will improve the safety, functionality and aesthetics of a garden, or any other outdoor space - public or private - and there are many options. First, decide on the effect you prefer and remember, it is the illumination that is key rather than the appearance of the fitting itself. Indeed, the luminaire should be fairly inconspicuous, but it must be tough enough for the job and able to throw sufficient light along the length of the tread to aid safe navigation.

As with all lighting, low energy consumption, long lamp life LED technology has revolutionized outdoor illumination. Collingwood has focused exclusively on LED lighting since 2001, and brings nearly two decades' expertise to our lighting design and manufacture.

For wider steps, we know that an asymmetric beam is preferable, so we offer a number of luminaires made from 316 stainless steel, offering maximum corrosion resistance. All are rated at least IP67, which means that they enjoy the maximum protection against both dust ingress and temporary immersion, and they also provide excellent impact resistance. All are available in three different tones of white light, and feature an exceptional 70,000-hour lamp life backed up by a seven-year extended warranty.

For narrow flights, our decorative mini lights may suffice. These too are designed to be recessed into the adjacent walls, are rated at least IP65 and offer a 70,000-hour lamp lifespan. However, in addition to four different shades of white, these mini lights are also available in amber, blue, green and red.

LED strip lights offer a different type of illumination. Hidden under the riser overhang they will provide a highly effective but gentle wash of illumination over the tread below – choose between four different shades of white.

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