Spotlights mounted in the ceiling or on the wall are a smart and flexible way to address lighting needs since their beams can be easily directed onto the space or object you wish to illuminate. A spotlight is quite simply a wall or ceiling light with the ability to tilt or rotate to suit your specific requirements at any given time. So when you want a move around, you can reposition the lighting too.

LED spotlights fall into one of two categories: recessed and surface mounted.

Recessed spotlights

Recessed lights are usually installed in the ceiling and are a sleek, modern and unobtrusive way to create ambient and accent lighting in one fixture. Collingwood's H4 Pro range includes a number of spotlights that offer a 20° tilt facility and are notable for their exceptional, 70,000-hour lamp lifespan. Most are rated IP65, which means that they are very highly protected against dust and moisture, and are therefore suitable for use anywhere, including in kitchens and bathrooms.

All are dimmable and fire-rated for use in domestic dwellings, and their shallow depth and flexible driver position ensures easy installation. Special features include fixtures with a high lumen output for use in high ceilings and a dim to warm option, and all offer a choice of light temperatures and bezel options which include brushed steel, chrome, gloss white and paintable matt white finishes.

With their compact size and narrow, 15° beam, our mini recessed spotlights are ideal for use in smaller spaces. They too are fire rated, offer a 20° tilt facility, an exceptional 70,000-hour lamp lifespan and are available in three white light temperatures. Made from high quality machined aluminium they come with a choice of square or circular bezels.

Surface mounted spotlights

Surface mounted spotlights are possibly the most versatile light fitting. Use them on beams or walls as ambient and accent lighting rolled into one; as reading lights in your bedroom or task lighting in your kitchen; or to direct light onto the work and eating spaces outdoors.

Our straight to mains LED spotlights are ideal for retrofit since they include a built-in driver. With their 90° tilt, virtually full circle rotation, choice of white light temperatures and IP65 rating they can be used anywhere indoors or out, and their massive 70,000-hour lamp lifespan is indicative of Collingwood quality.

Other contemporary designs offering the same exceptional lifespan and quality include mini cube lights (360° rotation only) and spotlights in silver or black anodised aluminium, solid copper or 316 stainless steel, a material so exceptionally corrosion resistant it is used for medical instruments and marine applications. Between them, they offer warm, neutral or cool white, amber, blue, red or green light as well as an RBGW colour change option.

However, for ultimate flexibility, our UL lights are simply unbeatable. 360° tilt and rotation in a 316 stainless steel, 70,000-hour lamp lifespan spotlight with an IP68 rating (submersible up to 9m), three whites, blue and a colour change option all backed by a seven-year extended warranty.

Visit downlights, wall lights and coloured LED lights for more information.

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