Spike Lights

Garden spike lights are an amazingly flexible form of outdoor lighting since you can reposition and adjust each one in order to best enhance the space as the seasons or your plantings change. Effective in even the smallest of gardens, they can be used to define pathways, highlight statues, shrubs and small trees, accentuate flower beds and water features, or throw light onto buildings. And as these LED spike lights are so exceptionally energy efficient you can afford to be generous with their use.

Collingwood spike lights combine excellent quality with sleek good looks. Made from superior materials - 316 marine grade stainless steel, anodised aluminium, or solid copper which will acquire the soft patina of verdigris over time - they will maintain those good looks throughout their massive 70,000-hour lamp lifespan. They feature a particularly long spike for extra stability and flexibility in use, a head which tilts through 90°, and an IP (ingress protection) rating of 65, meaning that they are fully dust-tight as well as watertight against low-pressure jets from all directions. Their quality is confirmed by the seven-year extended warranty.

Choose from stainless steel, black, copper or bronze finishes, warm, neutral or cool white light, and three output levels. The smallest, a 1W spike, is really discreet and easily concealed if you want to focus on the illumination, not the light source, and is available in amber, blue, red or green as well as the three different temperatures in white light.

In some circumstances, pathways or around seating areas, for example, it is particularly important to minimise potentially unpleasant glare. Matching glare hoods, which reduce dazzle whilst optimising light distribution, and snoots, which are ideal for creating a really soft glow like that of moonlight, are available in stainless steel and anodised black.

For more ideas visit garden lights for residential areas, outdoor lighting for commercial applications or deck lights.

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  1. SL220
    Low voltage LED spike light
  2. SL220
    Straight to mains LED spike light
  3. SL130
    1W LED spike light
  4. SL230
    Low voltage LED twin pole spike light
  5. SL230
    Mains voltage LED twin pole spike light
  6. SL240
    Low voltage LED twin bar spike light
  7. SL240
    Mains voltage LED twin bar spike light
  8. GH220
    Low-glare, tapered hood
  9. GS220
    Low-glare, cylindrical snoot
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