LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are an effortless way to create impressive lighting effects. Equally adept as task lighting hidden under cabinets, as accent lighting up a stairway, or as ambient lighting concealed behind a cove to bounce their glow off the ceiling, these self-adhesive tape lights offer a lower energy, long lasting, modern-day solution. Furthermore, Collingwood's LED strip lights are perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms; inside, outside, and even underwater.

As long-time specialists in LED lighting, Collingwood offers unique manufacturing expertise, and our LED strip products are all of the consistently high quality you would expect. All are dimmable when used with a dimmable driver, supplied on a strong yet flexible self-adhesive tape with cut points at every 100mm or in bespoke lengths, and are guaranteed for three-years. Whilst that still leaves a vast array of options to choose from, in reality your answers to a few basic questions will simplify your choice.

How to choose your ideal LED strip light

First, where will you be using it? This question defines what IP rating you need - in other words, the level of protection that is needed against dust and liquids. If it is to be used indoors in a reception or bedroom, IP20 will be sufficient; for use in a kitchen or bathroom opt for IP44, but if you want them to use outside you need IP65 or IP68 for underwater. It is important to note that a strip rated IP68 becomes IP65 when cut.

How powerful does your LED strip need to be? For task lighting, under cabinets and kickboards, 4.8W is sufficient whilst 9.6W is ideal for accent lighting, or for mood lighting hidden behind a cove. If, however, this is to be your primary light source and you want to light the entire room from a cove you will need 14.4W. And if you have particularly high ceilings you will need 19.2W

Then colour, not of the fitting but of the light. Do you want a white light with the option of colour changes? If not, what shade of white do you require? For a warm white, opt for 2700 Kelvin, for warmth similar to that of a halogen light, go for 3000 Kelvin, for daylight tones choose 4000 Kelvin, and for a very cool white - 6500 Kelvin.

And finally, just how long a run do you need?

For lengths of up to 5m, our Essentially Collingwood collection of constant voltage products, some of which come in convenient Strip Kits complete with driver, will provide a beautiful, perfectly even spread of light. For longer lengths, however, or for runs where it is difficult to fit the driver close by, you can select from our Premium collection. These next-generation strip lights use constant regulation to ensure no light loss right up to 20m, as well as offering a massive 70,000-hour lamp lifespan; Collingwood Premium strip lights are supplied cut to size.

Create the optimum effect with accessories

For a professional finish, at Collingwood we recommend that our strip lights are fitted into a profile with a translucent diffuser to provide an easy-to-clean, flat surface and hide the individual LEDs. Various recessed, surface-mount, floor, corner and stair profiles are available, as well as a cove pack for bouncing light off the ceiling.

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  1. RP28

    28mm deep recessed profile and diffuser, 1m

  2. CO7

    45° slim CO7 mounting bracket

  3. CO7

    45° slim surface-mount corner profile & diffuser, 2m

  4. CO7

    45° slim CO7 end cap, without hole

  5. CO7

    45° slim CO7 end cap, with hole

  6. CO7

    45° slim surface-mount corner profile & diffuser, 1m

  7. RP7

    7mm deep end cap, without cable hole

  8. RP7

    7mm deep end cap, with cable hole

  9. RP7

    1m recessed profile & diffuser, 7mm deep

  10. RP7

    2m recessed profile & diffuser, 7mm deep

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