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A downlight is a luminaire that emits a focused beam in a downward direction and is usually recessed into the ceiling. Ten years ago, Collingwood revolutionised LED downlights with the very first fire-rated IP65 product, and now all of our recessed LED downlights are fire-rated for use in UK residential properties. What's more, they are all dimmable too, and most are IP65 rated so that you can use the same fittings throughout your home, even in the bathroom. 
Collingwood continues to lead the market with new technology. Our latest H2 and H4 Pro products offer two output levels and three white colour temperatures in one unit. This means that you no longer have to make your big decisions about lighting levels and colour tone prior to installation. Instead, you can happily order an entire house full of downlights knowing that you can make these critical choices once you have one up and running in situ. 

What makes Collingwood the best LED downlights?

Collingwood’s downlight collection all look good and are easy to install, offering a slim profile, push-fit terminal and Easy-Fit connectors. Many fixtures can be covered directly by rolled or blown insulation and our twist and lock bezels come in a variety of finishes, including black, white, chrome, silver and gold, as well as in both round and square shapes. Converter plates are available for installations over large openings. 
If you want the most discreet fixture, you can choose from a number of trimless options. Conversely, If you want to make a feature of your fitting as well as your light, take a look at the beautiful DL surface mounted downlight. Made from anodised aluminium, and available in two sizes plus a matching pendant, it makes a superb statement on a high ceiling. 
Throughout our range we have focused on visual comfort, so we have developed downlights that bring true meaning to the term low glare. We have also introduced colour switchable technology - three white light temperatures in one lamp that may be changed at any time to suit your mood using an integrated switch or with a standard wall dimmer. We offer dim to warm technology too, where the colour temperature changes from a day-bright 2800/3000 Kelvin at 100% to a beautifully warm 1800/2000 Kelvin when dimmed down to 25%. 
We offer lights with a particularly high output for higher than usual ceilings; and tiltable lights for use in vaulted ceilings or to throw light onto the walls. We even have a downlight that is totally watertight, being rated IP65 from the back as well as the front. This discretely beautiful fitting is perfect for use outside in soffits, fascias or anywhere that is open to the elements. 

Choosing your most appropriate Collingwood downlight 

At Collingwood, we offer such a large and diverse collection of downlights that it may appear confusing, so these are divided into ranges to help narrow your initial search.
1901 provides what is essentially a bespoke downlight solution by enabling customers to create their exact specification from nine configurable elements. The result is over 1600 unique combinations, all made in the UK and available at short notice (read our dedicated 1901 Collection brochure to see just how it works). Like all of our Pro products, our 1901 collection is superbly engineered, provides a 70,000-hour lamp lifespan and comes with a seven-year extendable warranty.
If you're looking for the most cost-effective option, our Lite collection provides the benefits of the Collingwood brand with an impressive lamp lifespan of 40,000 hours and a four-year extended warranty. 
If you are searching for a particularly innovative and practical solution for commercial applications, check out the Thea range.
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  1. H2 Lite
    H2 Lite
    TRIAC Dimmable, fire-rated downlight with integrated bezel & Easy-fit connector
  2. H4 Lite
    H4 Lite
    Adjustable LED downlight with integrated bezel and Easy-fit connector
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