High Bay LED Lights

High bay LED lights are the proven solution for providing impressive, even illumination across large indoor spaces with lofty ceilings. These powerful luminaires can be configured in a number of ways to suit the precise needs of their environment, thus improving productivity, operational safety and operator wellbeing.

Continuing its pursuit of product excellence, Collingwood's Springbok high bay lighting range far exceeds the standard requirements for warehouse lighting. At the heart of this superiority is a magnesium alloy heatsink that ensures exceptional heat dissipation, resulting in a lamp lifespan of 50,000 hours. A choice of three high-efficacy, 140lm/W lamp options are available, all providing a natural 4000K light with a high CRI in excess of 80Ra. The 120° beam may be intensified with 60° or 90° reflector accessories, ideal for installations with especially elevated ceilings. 

Collingwood high bay lights are 1 - 10V dimmable as standard. Cost and energy-saving microwave sensors suitable for mounting heights of up to 15 metres can be adjusted for daylight and detection sensitivity, and for hold time; the standby period and dim level may also be adjusted to suit. 

Whilst low bay lights are used primarily in ceilings in excess of 6 metres, some industrial applications demand more intense illumination over a narrower area than can achieved with low bay lighting. The Springbok high bay range offers a choice of pothook or chain mountings, as well as a 70° refractor accessory to prevent glare, making them ideal for such situations.

Finally, an IP65 rating and a 5-year extended warranty are proof that, as you would expect from a Collingwood product, the Springbok range is suitable for installation in even the harshest and most corrosive industrial environments.

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  1. AREA BAY 100W
    AREA BAY 100W
    100W High bay luminaire (Replaces 2x80W T5)
  2. AREA BAY 150W
    AREA BAY 150W
    150W High bay luminaire (Replaces 250W or 4X49W T5)
  3. Area Bay 200W
    AREA BAY 200W
    200W High bay luminaire (Replaces 400W or 4x80W T5)
  4. Area Bay 240W
    AREA BAY 240W
    240W High bay luminaire
  5. Springbok Lite
    Springbok Lite
    High Bay Sbok Lite, 80W 11K lm, Non-Dim, 4000K
  6. Springbok lite 200W
    Springbok lite 200W
    200W High bay luminaire (Replaces 400W or 4x80W T5)
  7. Springbok lite 150W
    Springbok Lite 150W
    150W High bay luminaire (Replaces 250W or 4X49W T5)
  8. PIR Sensor
    PIR Sensor
    Passive infra-red motion sensor with daylight threshold switch
  9. Daylight Sensor
    Daylight Sensor
    Daylight harvesting sensor with photocell
  10. Microwave Sensor
    Microwave Sensor
    Motion sensor with daylight threshold switch
  11. High Bay Em Conversion Pack
    High Bay Em Conversion Pack
    Emergency conversion pack for Springbok Lite and Area Bay
  12. Springbok

    Microwave & Daylight Harvesting Sensor

  13. PIR & Daylight Sensor
    PIR & Daylight Sensor
    Passive infra-red motion sensor with daylight harvesting photocell
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