Ground Lights

Ground lights can create a spectacular outdoor ambiance by projecting onto walls, architectural features, trees and shrubs, but ensure that you choose products truly tough enough for the task. Collingwood LED ground lights boast a minimum ingress protection rating of IP67, meaning that they are totally dust-tight and waterproof against temporary immersion; many, those rated IP68, are actually submersible. And they all boast a 70,000-hour lamp lifespan, making them a genuine fit and forget product.

Furthermore, since all our ground lights are constructed from 316 stainless steel, an exceptionally corrosion-resistant chemical composition making it by far the best option for life-long beauty even in coastal areas, they are built to retain their good looks in the toughest environments. All Collingwood ground lights guarantee drive or walk-over durability, and many are rated IK10, which means that they are protected against 20 joules impact.

The Collingwood range includes high, mid and low-power luminaires, providing the ideal illumination for every situation from enormous trees and buildings to domestic facades and low-level plantings. Marker lights are ideal for providing a subtle, diffused glow around paths, drives and car parks. Some products include a 20° tilt facility and we offer a choice of warm and cool whites, amber, blue, green or red light, as well as RGBW colour changing options.

Obviously, ground lights must be installed using waterproof connections, and we recommend the use of installation tubes in soil or gravel.

For the best step lights follow the link, or look for more outdoor lighting ideas in garden lights or deck lights.

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  1. GL019 SQ
    GL019 SQ
    1W square mini LED ground light
  2. GL019 S T
    GL019 S T
    1W mini LED ground light threaded
  3. GL021
    Small slotted LED ground light
  4. GL022
    Square 30° slotted LED ground light
  5. GL040 Ultra low-glare
    GL040 Ultra low-glare
    2W LED ground light
  6. GL041
    Square 3W LED ground light
  7. GL050
    3W LED ground / marker light
  8. GL051
    Square 3W LED ground / marker light
  9. GL063
    3-way LED marker light
  10. GL064
    4-way LED marker light
  11. GL090
    7W LED ground light
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