Emergency Lights

Fitting emergency lights in all non-domestic buildings is a legal requirement in order to ensure a safe exit even when the mains power fails. Collingwood provides a comprehensive package of LED emergency lights in both manual and self-test options, all providing illumination levels far in excess of the legal requirements.

The Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL), of whom Collingwood is a member, has been formed in order to further the legislation and standards in the UK for fire exit signs: always look for their endorsement. 

What are the emergency lighting regulations?

The emergency lighting regulations stipulate that a safely lit exit route must be provided when the normal power supply fails. This includes the exits themselves, plus all the pathways, corridors and stairwells that lead to them. Furthermore, all rooms larger than 60m2 must also be fitted with emergency lighting.

Emergency exit lights must operate automatically and must be tested regularly by simulating a mains failure. A test for the entire illumination duration must also be carried out annually. Self-testing lights check themselves automatically to ensure that the battery and lamp in each light are fully operational, thus replacing the need for manual tests. 

Maintain and non-maintained emergency lights - what is the difference?

Maintained emergency lights provide illumination under mains power and remain lit under battery power in the event of a mains failure. 

Non-maintained lights operate only in the event of a power failure.

LED emergency bulkhead lights from Collingwood

Our LED emergency bulkhead lights provide all the cost- and energy-efficiency benefits of LED technology in a particularly tough and effective open area light or exit sign, by conveniently adding the adhesive label.

Weatherproof and dust-tight, as denoted by the IP65 rating, they are housed in a tough polycarbonate. As an open area light, it delivers 145 lumens, whilst as an exit sign it provides a viewing distance of 18m. Furthermore, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, noted for their exceptional stability and safety, ensure a longer life, and will recharge in just 12 hours - twice as fast as standard batteries.

Collingwood emergency bulkhead lights are available in both maintained and non-maintained, manual and self-test, with a range of mounting options.

The benefits of our illuminated fire exit signs

Illuminated fire exit signs must be provided at every exit door, stairway or ramp and at the intersection of corridors to ensure the safety of all personnel. 

At Collingwood, we offer both LED illuminated boxes, designed for surface mounting and providing a viewing distance of 35m, and blades designed for wall, ceiling or pendant mounting and provide a viewing distance of 30m. Housed in a tough polycarbonate enclosure with an IK06 rating and an emergency mode output of 50 lm and 47 lm respectively these ensure the safest possible egress. 

Both our Exit Box and Exit Blade are availed in several options: maintained or non-maintained, manual or self-test, and with a choice of Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) or LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. 

Emergency lighting products for ambient illumination 

Good visibility is vital to ensure a calm and orderly evacuation, whatever the reason for a mains power failure. Regulations stipulate that emergency ambient lighting must be fitted in any space in excess of 60m2 but, in reality, you often need more than this minimum level, especially if your situation necessitates moving large numbers of people. 

Collingwood’s product offering includes two non-maintained options: a flush mount, polycarbonate emergency light fitting with an aluminium heatsink and two PMMA lens (open areas and corridors), ideal for installations of up to 4m, and an excellent twin spot fixture perfect for illuminating really large or high areas. It is especially robust  - the IK10 rating indicates the highest protection, against impacts of up to 20 joules - and the twin heads may be rotated through 90° in the horizontal plane and 75° in the vertical plane to ensure the perfect position.


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