Bulkhead Lights

Bulkhead lights are a practical and functional light source traditionally used outside and in large indoor spaces like car parks, warehouses and other large commercial buildings. Collingwood's LED bulkhead lights are sturdy enough for use in any tough permanent outdoor application, yet stylish enough to be the light source of choice indoors in corridors and stairwells, cloakrooms and bathrooms (Zone 2), both residential and commercial.

With a diffuser manufactured from PMMA, a lightweight and impact resistant alternative to glass, and with a clean, sleek, contemporary design, our colour switchable bulkhead lights are highly efficient, providing up to 113 lumens per watt and with a 25,000-hour lamp lifespan. Rated to IK08 with protection against 5 joules impact, they are perfect for tough environments. While an ingress protection rating of IP65 confirms that they are fully dust-tight and protected against low-pressure water jets from all directions.

An already low energy consumption may be further reduced by installing bulkheads fitted with a microwave sensor. This ensures that illumination is activated only when it is needed, making it ideal for use as a security light. Microwave sensors are activated by movement, unlike PIR sensors which detect heat, and they afford a number of advantages. Providing constant detection whatever the ambient temperature, they maintain 360° coverage and have no "blind" spots. They are even able to detect movement through walls, right up to a distance of 10m.

Collingwood's bulkhead lights exceed the light output requirements for egress and other emergency lighting situations and are backed by a three-year guarantee. As class 2, double insulated fixtures, no earth is required, however an earth terminal is provided. All fixings are included, ensuring easy installation.

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