Retail Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important influencers in any retail environment. It draws in customers, creates atmosphere, provides orientation and gives structure to your spaces. The right retail lighting can elevate merchandise from dowdy to desirable.

Energy efficient LED lights have transformed retail schemes: cutting heat build up, minimising the carbon footprint and reducing running costs to a fraction of what they once were. As Collingwood have been at the forefront of integrated LED lighting design since 2001, we understand the issues that are truly important.

Longevity is clearly crucial, so all lights specific to our retail range of track lights benefit from an exceptional, 70,000-hour lamp life, backed by a seven-year extended warranty. Quality is critical too and, thanks to our Luxeon CrispWhite technology (applicable to all 3000K options) and a Colour Rendering Index in excess of 90, whites fluoresce and colours appear bolder, making food, jewellery, clothing, indeed whatever you are selling, spring into life.

Track lighting provides the optimum flexibility for constantly changing retail displays, and all Collingwood track luminaires offer 355° rotation as well as a 90° tilt facility. Furthermore, different sizes may be mixed on the same track, ensuring optimum illumination whatever the space. A choice of beam angles and finishes are available, and products can be retrofitted into many existing track schemes and are compatible with GLOBAL™ track. Download our Retail Range brochure for comprehensive advice on creating a track light grid. Square and round recessed luminaires offering identical benefits complete the range.

Other downlights that may be considered for use in retail establishments include our market-leading commercial downlights collection. These high efficiency, mains dimmable downlights offer a choice of 3000, 4000 and 6500 Kelvin in one luminaire, selectable at point of installation.

LED strip lights are a really easy way to create impressive lighting effects. Use them hidden under display units, to accentuate counters and pay points, or as an alternative to recessed lights to define stairways. Additionally the flexibility offered by tilt and rotational spotlights can add another dimension to the scheme.

For in-depth assistance on using lights to make the best of your retail space contact our lighting design service - creative lighting professionals who are fully equipped to propose an entire solution for your project, whether large or small.

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  1. LSC03
    Current regulated, self-adhesive strip
  2. LSC43
    Current regulated, self-adhesive, IP44 strip
  3. LSC45
    Current regulated, self-adhesive, high output, IP44 strip
  4. LSC83
    Current regulated IP68 waterproof strip
  5. LSV02
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive, flexible IP20 strip
  6. LSV04
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  7. LSV05
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  8. LSV06
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  9. LSV42

    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP44 strip

  10. LSV44
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive 5m IP44 strip
  11. LSV45

    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP44 strip

  12. LSV46
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP44 strip
  13. LSV82
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP68 strip
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