Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can totally transform a building or space, and low energy consumption LED lighting has transformed the options for creating truly impressive schemes.

Collingwood has focused on LED lighting technology since 2001, with much of the emphasis being placed on external lighting.

Quality is fundamental to our product offering, so most of our luminaries designed for outdoor use are made from 316 stainless steel, a material noted for its exceptional corrosion resistance, even in coastal areas. Our lamp lifespan is exceptional too, with the majority of luminaries enjoying an enormous 70,000-hour life backed by a seven-year extended warranty. Unlike some manufacturers, we only sell luminaries with a rating of IP65 or more for outdoor use. And we consider the illumination to be at least as important as the fitting, offering consistent output in an enormous variety of beam angles and colours, enabling you to paint a masterpiece with light.

For your wide open spaces, consider our bollard lights in a choice of timbers and styles. Or high performance, flicker-free floodlights that offer supreme flexibility with three colour temperatures in one luminaire that can be changed at the flick of a switch.

Tough drive-over or walk-over ground lights can be positioned just about anywhere. As can powerful spotlights, with their 360° rotation in both planes. Whilst elegant yet inconspicuous spike lights, in a choice of stunning finishes like copper and bronze, provide the ultimate in flexibility, enabling you to change your scheme at any time to make the most of seasonal plantings.

Water features will come to life with submersible ground or wall lights. As do steps – choose luminaries with asymmetric beams for the best spread of light. Whilst wall washing light bars and spotlights are perfect for creating the most dramatic facades and come in a choice of coloured or white tones.

The luminaires suggested on these pages are suited to commercial, architectural and large residential properties. For more outdoor residential recommendations, visit garden lighting.

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  1. GL016 SQ
    GL016 SQ
    Square 1W LED ground light
  2. GL018 C
    GL018 C
    Small LED marker light
  3. GL018 C AB
    GL018 C AB
    Small antique brass LED marker light
  4. GL034A
    Straight to mains hooded LED wall / ground light
  5. GL018 SQ
    GL018 SQ
    Small square LED marker light
  6. GL018 T
    GL018 T
    Small panel mount LED marker light
  7. GL019
    1W mini LED ground light
  8. GL019 Ultra low-glare
    GL019 Ultra low-glare
    1W mini LED ground light
  9. GL019 Frosted
    GL019 Frosted
    1W Mini LED ground light / marker light
  10. GL019 LG
    GL019 LG
    1W mini low glare LED ground light
  11. GL019 SQ
    GL019 SQ
    1W square mini LED ground light
  12. GL019 S T
    GL019 S T
    1W mini LED ground light threaded
  13. GL019 S TK
    GL019 S TK
    1W mini LED ground light threaded kit
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