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Outdoor lighting can totally transform any building or outdoor space. But schemes using incandescent, halogen, or CFLs use large quantities of power and their lamp lifespan can be short. Of course, this makes them costly to run which may well limit the scope of your plan.

LED outdoor lighting is vastly more energy efficient and with a substantially longer lamp lifespan than the alternatives. Opting for LED garden lights opens up the options to enable you to create something that is truly impressive.

Collingwood is the expert in outdoor LED lights

Collingwood has concentrated on LED technology since 2001, with much emphasis placed on producing the best possible exterior lighting. 

Superior quality is fundamental to our entire product range, so this quest dictates our choice of both materials and design. For instance, it means that most of our outdoor luminaries are made from 316 stainless steel since corrosion is the enemy of metal exposed to the elements. This marine grade material is noted for its exceptional resistance and guarantees a long and blemish-free life even in coastal areas. 

Our lamp lifespan is exceptional too. Indeed, the majority of our luminaires offer a 70,000-hour lamp life, backed up by a seven-year extended warranty. 

Unlike many manufacturers, we only ever recommend luminaires with a rating of IP65 or more for outdoor use. 

Above all, we know that in any lighting scheme the quality, level and spread of luminescence is at least as important as the fitting. So we always ensure that we offer consistent output in an enormous variety of beam angles and colours.

How to design an outdoor lighting scheme

Designing an outdoor lighting scheme can seem particularly daunting since spaces will alter as the planting matures. Our team of professional designers at The Studio will be happy to assist, but here are a few basics to consider:

Firstly, approach your scheme as you would an interior design. Aim to layer the lighting, combining different effects at different levels for maximum depth and interest. But don’t overdo it - outdoors the shadows are as important as the glow. 

Decide on a colour scheme for the luminescence as well as the luminaires. LEDs make it possible to choose different shades or tones of white and amongst our ranges we offer everything from 2700K warm white to a very cool white at 6000K. Choosing either 3000K or 4000K CCT will give you the widest range of options

Low glare fittings are best used near seating, pathways, decking and terraces; anywhere where people are likely to pass by. They are particularly important on all but the shallowest flights of steps.

When lighting steps, remember to choose luminaires with asymmetric beams for the best spread of light. Position them 200 - 300mm above the surface.

There is no need to overcomplicate your plan. Indeed, it is quite possible to produce an impressive scheme using just one type of luminaire: for example, ground lights. Use high power ground lights to light up big trees and mid-power ones for small trees, shrubs and walls. Low power ground lights are best for low-level plantings, for use on wide steps, terraces and deck areas and to uplight facades.

Choosing the right outdoor LED light for your plan

So whilst we don’t suggest that you incorporate all of these different products, let’s take a look at what is available.

Spike lights are the most flexible form of lighting to illuminate plantings since they can be moved as the seasons' change. Ours feature an especially long spike for extra stability and a head that tilts through 90°. And they come in a wide range of stunning finishes too, as well as three output levels. Other outdoor spotlights like our Universal and Mini garden spotlights can swivel through 360°, enabling you to throw their beams of light in any direction.

Bollard lights provide a highly practical solution to defining and lighting driveways, paths and perimeters, particularly in large open spaces. Our Bespoke bollard options are unique and especially elegant, offering you a variety of timbers and styles. But if you prefer something less structural, then marker and ground lights will fulfil a similar function. Of course, these can be positioned virtually anywhere, including in the deck areas, and we have a wide range of options.

Lightbars are perfect for washing larger trees or buildings and we offer a choice of white tones or multicolours. Floodlights can do the same job, as well as performing as security lights when specified with a PIR sensor.

Outdoor wall lights are best used when throwing various effects onto your favourite vertical surfaces. While outdoor downlights can be fitted under the soffit or porch giving an extra dimension to the entrance.

Ponds and water features will come to life with submersible ground lights or IP68 rated LED strip lights. The latter make excellent decking lights too, particularly when edging steps or under handrails.

The range of outdoor lighting suggested on these pages is particularly suited to commercial, community and large residential properties. For ideas on illuminating areas of your garden, please visit garden lighting. Or to see the lighting effects you could achieve visit our Inspiration pages


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