Office Lighting

Office lighting is changing as digitalisation, demographics and the work-life balance impact the principles behind office design. With the benefits going far deeper than mere appearance: great lighting motivates people, improving creativity, concentration and performance in both the commercial and home office.

LED lighting is now the first choice for offices. LED lights last longer - often well in excess of 20,000 hours. They also use significantly less power and their use is contributing to the considerable dent that improved efficiency is making on the UK's energy demands. Additionally, since they give off virtually no heat, they do not affect the ambient temperature and thus place no additional demands on the air conditioning.

Having specialised in the design and manufacture of integrated LED lights since 2001, Collingwood is at the forefront of modern LED lighting. Our commercial recessed downlights offer market-leading features, being colour switchable (3000, 4000, or 6500 Kelvin may be selected at the point of installation) and mains dimmable with a unique heatsink design ensures a truly impressive lamp life of 50,000-hours endorsed by a five-year extended warranty.

Ideal for office lighting, Solis LED panels have been designed as a true fit and forget solution. Boasting a five-year warranty, these IP44 panels ensure a uniform light distribution and, when combined with the low glare ratings, guarantees high performance after installation. Solis panels can be mounted into a grid frame ceiling as standard with the surface mount frames and suspension kits extending the scope of installation. When emergency panels are required; use the LEDEP08 for a plug and play solution.

For decorative effect, bounce light off the ceiling using strip lights hidden behind a cove. Indeed strip lights always have a place in the mix, hidden under desks or cabinets, or in the shadow gap up the stairs. Alternatively, make a similarly impressive feature out of necessity by incorporating recessed wall lights to throw wonderful shapes using illumination across the treads.

Collingwood bulkhead lights are practical, functional and stylish, so are an excellent choice for less public spaces like storage cupboards and stairwells, and, when specified with the emergency pack option, fulfill the legal requirement for a lit egress in the event of a mains power failure. Emergency packs are also available for all our commercial downlights.

Finally, for in-depth assistance on your office scheme make use of our lighting design service - a team of creative professionals who are happy to assist whatever the scope of your project.

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  1. WL340

    Asymmetric, straight to mains step light

  2. WL342

    Asymmetric, straight to mains, antique brass step light

  3. GL016 F AB
    GL016 F AB
    1W LED ground light
  4. GL018 C AB
    GL018 C AB
    Small antique brass LED marker light
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