Hotel Lighting

Hotel lighting schemes require optimum efficiency and longevity from their luminaires to service the industry's 24/7, all year round demands. With its long lamp life and low energy consumption leading to improved running costs, LED illumination has become the preferred route, and having focused on the design and manufacture of LED illumination since its infancy, Collingwood is at the forefront of the technology.

As the first company to produce a mains-dimmable LED downlight, some of our downlights have now evolved to provide dim-to-warm white light, which is ideal for the flexibility demanded by modern hotels with their free-flowing hospitality spaces, as well as in function rooms and guest rooms.

Collingwood was also the first to produce sealed for life outdoor luminaires, and the first to produce sealed for life, fully waterproof, in-ground lighting products. Today we offer an enormous variety of outdoor luminaires, many of which are manufactured in 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Collingwood quality is second to none, with the majority of our luminaries for both indoor and outdoor use providing an exceptional 70,000-hour lamp lifespan, and backed by a seven-year warranty.

Moreover, we focus on innovative illumination, not just innovative hardware. So you will find luminaires that project wonderfully interesting shapes with their beams, enabling you to paint your spaces with light.

In these pages you will find beautifully designed downlights, recessed uplights, stair, wall and strip lights, as well as bulkhead lights perfect for emergency lighting in corridors and stairwells. If you wish to include colour changing lights or outdoor lighting in your schemes, follow the links. If you require more specialist advice, 
our lighting design service team will be delighted to assist with your project, whatever its scale or complexity.  

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  1. SL240
    Mains LED twin bar spike light
  2. SL240
    Low voltage LED twin bar spike light
  3. SL240
    Low voltage LED twin bar spike light
  4. SL240
    Low voltage LED twin bar spike light
  5. DL130
    Mini adjustable LED spot light
  6. DL120
    Mini adjustable LED spot light
    Fibre optic LED light injector
  8. DL329RGBW
    Colour change fibre optic injector (5W max.)
  9. LSR05
    Colour change, self-adhesive strip
  10. LSV02
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive, flexible IP20 strip
  11. LSV05
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  12. LED LYTE
    Mini LED downlight
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