Decking Lights

Deck lights make extended outdoor living and dining spaces safe, usable and even more attractive 24/7. LED deck lights do this with minimal energy consumption too so that you can be really creative in your scheme.

Lighting the deck posts is a classic option, either by recessing a marker light into your own post or by using the latest range of LED wooden bollards. With a choice of timber, style and lamp options, these offer around 140 different configurations, so there is certain to be one which works with your scheme. But for something a little different, why not consider projecting light over the balusters by recessing a mini ground light under the balustrade instead.

Uplights and wall lights can all be used to brighten the decking area by highlighting surrounding architecture and throwing light off the walls. Directional spotlights may be the best answer for providing practical light where it is needed most, in the eating and cooking areas. You can be really creative with step lighting, asymmetric wall or ground lights will throw light both down and along them at the same time. Or, you could recess LED strip lights along the length of the step for a different effect. For the ultimate in dramatic effect, backlight frosted plexiglass to create an entirely illuminated riser.

Always consider the practicalities of outdoor lighting. All lights must be waterproof, so rated IP65 or higher, and installed using waterproof connections. In order for fittings to retain their corrosion resistance under extreme conditions, they should be constructed of marine grade 316 stainless steel.

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  1. GL200
    Large domed ground light with choice of windows
  2. GL200
    Large domed ground light with choice of windows
  3. GL016RGBW
    LED colour change ground light (5W max.)
  4. GL063
    3-way LED marker light
  5. GL040CARGB
    Colour change LED ground light (3.5W max.)
  6. GL050RGBW
    Colour change LED ground / marker light (5W max.)
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