Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is an excellent way to introduce task lighting in kitchens and drama into display units, and LED technology has transformed the options.

No longer limited to a bright white light, LED strip lights and mini lights are the high-quality, highly efficient light source that is simply perfect for the job. Using a fraction of the energy of a halogen lamp, and lasting as much as ten times longer than a fluorescent lamp, LED is without a doubt the future of lighting. And Collingwood has been at the forefront of its development since 2001.

Collingwood's small and discreet mini lights are ideal for decorative lighting applications. They offer a choice of different shades of white or coloured illumination in a surface mounted, recessed downlight or mini floodlight fixture, all designed to paint a beautiful, 110° wide beam over your favourite objects. With an ingress protection rating of IP65, they can be used anywhere, and with a 70,000-hour lamp lifespan, endorsed by a seven-year extended warranty, you really can fit and forget them.

LED strip lights provide accent lighting of a different type - a continuous wash of illumination created by dozens of tiny lamps on a flexible, self-adhesive backing. Collingwood has been designing and manufacturing quality strip lights for many years and offers a huge number of options - see LED strip lights for advice; all are dimmable and guaranteed to provide a constant light for at least 30,000 hours.

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  1. LSC03
    Current regulated, self-adhesive strip
  2. LSC43
    Current regulated, self-adhesive, IP44 strip
  3. LSC45
    Current regulated, self-adhesive, high output, IP44 strip
  4. LSC83
    Current regulated IP68 waterproof strip
  5. LSV02
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive, flexible IP20 strip
  6. LSV04
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  7. LSV05
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  8. LSV06
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP20 strip
  9. LSV42

    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP44 strip

  10. LSV44
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive 5m IP44 strip
  11. LSV45

    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP44 strip

  12. LSV46
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP44 strip
  13. LSV82
    Constant voltage, self-adhesive IP68 strip
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