Architectural Lighting

The essence of architectural lighting is to perform beautifully by enhancing a building or space in the most efficient manner. As with any lighting scheme, it is important not to over-illuminate. Shade emphasises light, so never be tempted to provide more light than is genuinely necessary for the aesthetics or the task.

Low energy consumption, long life LED illumination has transformed the options for using light as decoration. With the wide array of white tones and the introduction of dim-to-warm, the possibilities are endless. Collingwood has specialised in integrated LED lighting design and manufacture since the earliest days and remains at the forefront of the technology.

Our commitment is to quality and our focus on the illumination, not just the fitting, and the Collingwood architectural lighting collection incorporates some of our most spectacular products. They have been used to create extraordinary interiors and breathtaking exteriors in both residential and commercial projects across the world.

Both colour, and the colour temperature of white light, plays a huge part in architectural schemes. You can wash walls and facades using our wall washing light bars with their exceptional 70,000-hour lamp lifespan backed by a seven-year extended warranty. With three white temperatures and an RGB colour changing option, as well as a choice of beam angles, both symmetrical and asymmetric for light washing from a distance, you will find the optimum solution for your needs.

Long life, universal LED spotlights, constructed from 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance, offer 360° tilt and rotate precision in three different whites, blue and RGBW colour changing options. Equally sturdy ground lights can be recessed into flooring to highlight features and reflect light off interesting ceilings, or to subtly lead the way and the eye with marker lights. Step lights transform a necessity into a stunning visual statement.

Indoors, high output downlights and wall lights are available to paint a surface with their beams, throwing wonderful shapes both up and down. Mini spotlights and our discreet little LED Lytes will provide beautifully crafted focus.

As for outdoors, hundreds of different ground lights, step lights, spike lights and bollards are available to make the grounds as magnificent as the building.

With such an enormous collection at your disposal, you will find the creative professionals who make up our lighting design team are ideally placed to advise on the optimum solutions for your project.

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  1. GL016 F AB
    GL016 F AB
    1W LED ground light
  2. GL018 C AB
    GL018 C AB
    Small antique brass LED marker light
  3. GL019

    Up to 2W, 180lm mini ground light

  4. GL040 Ultra low-glare
    GL040 Ultra low-glare
    2W LED ground light
  5. GL100

    Mini domed ground light with choice of windows

  6. GL200
    Large domed ground light with choice of windows
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