Using LED lighting in marine and coastal areas can often be problematic due to the ingress of water or salt water corrosion. They often require a higher standard of protection against moisture, dust and sea salt spray. So, when fitting lighting in these areas, it is important to consider the material required, ensuring that it is suitable for the situation.

316 stainless steel has an increased nickel and molybdenum content which significantly increases the metal’s corrosion resistance and is often considered one of the most suitable material choices when selecting an austenitic stainless steel for marine applications. That’s why here at Collingwood Lighting, we have a wide range of 316 stainless steel products – from spike lights to ground lights – equipped with rust resistant technology to ensure protection against even the harshest of coastal areas.

For less harsh environments but for where protection from the elements is still required, anodised aluminium is a great solution. The purpose of anodising aluminium is to form a layer of aluminium oxide that will protect the aluminium beneath it. The aluminium oxide layer has a much higher corrosion and abrasion resistance than regular aluminium, giving it the ability to endure unpredictable weather conditions. With Great British design and innovation at our core, we have developed an extensive range of anodised aluminium products which not only look fantastic and emanate quality and innovation, but serve a purpose in delivering a high-impact, strong and durable LED light to suit your requirement.

To offer a solution for either of the above areas, we have developed a brand-new, low voltage spike light which is available in either stainless steel 316 or anodised aluminium finishes – allowing for use in those harsher, coastal areas or for use where protection against the elements is necessary. With improved performance and a wider choice of finishes, this is just one example of a classically Collingwood product – emanating true quality and innovation. For any questions or to talk to us in more detail, get in touch with one of our technical experts today on 01604 495 151.