DH04WH Adjustable, highlight housing for the DM01 & DM02

Choose from a range of four adjustable downlight housings to create stunning effects. Use the DH02WH to direct light in a precise area making it ideal for table tops, picking out features or creating stunning and dramatic effects. By using the DH03WH you will create a subtle effect ideal for washing wide spaces with comfortable, atmospheric light. Alternatively, use the DH04WH to narrow the light, keeping it to a precise area or use to highlight key features such as bars, counters or displays. Positioning this housing 0.75m from the wall will create a narrow wash effect that's perfect for highlighting paintings. Lastly, use the DH05WH to direct light in a given direction, picking out key features in a room or highlighting displays and pictures.
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Technical details
Partcode DH04WH
Construction Material Aluminium
Cut Out Size (mm) Ø 78-83mm
IP Rating IP20
Tilt Angle (°) 30°
Finish White
Driver IP Rating Driver Dependant
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