Garden Lights

Collingwood LED garden lights are so energy efficient that now you can make more of any outdoor space with a clear conscience. Well-considered garden lighting opens up a home, making the most of the entire plot and not just the building's footprint. But remember, at night a little light goes a very long way and you can use the contrasting darkness to great dramatic effect.

The key to a good garden lighting plan is flexibility. Structures and pathways remain constant, but plants grow or may be replaced, or you may simply want to highlight different aspects of the garden at different times of the year. Garden spike lights with tilt adjustable heads are ideal to highlight foliage and will bring out the best in many trees too, although more powerful ground or floodlights are more appropriate for the largest specimens.

Try not to only consider the colour of the light you wish to achieve, consider the colour of your light fitting too. Copper and bronze fittings blend beautifully into nature's prevailing shades of green and brown, and over time the former will become ever more hidden in plain site as it develops patina. If you opt for stainless steel, do ensure that it is sufficiently corrosion-resistant to look good throughout its lifespan - 316 stainless steel, an austenitic stainless steel with a chemical composition that makes it suitable for use in medical devices, chemical processing and marine applications is by far the best option for long-term beauty.

Water features return the pleasure three-fold when lit. Changing refractions created by the water's movement will throw ever-moving patterns onto the surrounding areas, creating a feature of more than just the water itself. Keep things simple by fitting underwater ground or wall lights. There are a number to choose from, including decorative and mini markers, with coloured options as well as white light, all submersible up to 9m.

Of course, pathways and steps should be lit for safety as well as aesthetics. Choose lights with a wide beam angle and position them 200 - 300mm above the surface for the best spread of light. Whilst you could opt for any fitting with an IP rating of 65 or higher, it really is important to take anti-glare features into consideration for all but the shallowest flight of steps.

The garden lighting ideas outlined here are those most suited to domestic gardens. For recommendations for commercial spaces and for larger residential properties, please see outdoor lighting.

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  1. ML03
    Mini halo LED wall light
    Rotatable, octagonal LED wall light
  3. WL041IP
    Straight to mains, fan effect LED wall light
  4. WL060
    Straight to mains LED halo / flood wall light
  5. WL070
    Straight to mains, up / down LED wall light
  6. WL070RGBW
    Up / down LED colour change wall light (24W max.)
  7. WL075CARGB
    High output LED colour change wall light (12W max.)
  8. WL240A F
    WL240A F
    Straight to mains LED wall light
  9. WL261
    Large, straight to mains, one way LED wall light
  10. UL010RGBW
    Colour change LED light (5W max.)
  11. UL010
    Universal LED light
  12. UL030
    High output universal LED light
  13. UL030RGBW
    Colour change LED light (12W max.)
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