Bar / Restaurant Lighting

Effective bar and restaurant lighting schemes, although quite different in their specific requirements, both demand creativity, flexibility and durability from the light fitting. Whilst every establishment will have its own decorative concept, there are a number of fundamental rules worth considering.

Orientation is essential in hospitality venues. Lighting can be used to guide guests by drawing them on to different focal points using the contrast between accent and ambient illumination. A 5:1 ratio is a good guide for optimum contrast.

Different lighting for daytime and evening use is also fundamental. Ensure that your schemes are set up on different circuits or consider using a DALI system to control dimmable lights. Look at dim-to-warm options that increase the warmth of the illumination whilst decreasing the light levels.

The colour rendering index (CRI) is as important in a restaurant as it is in retail. Ensure that your luminaire reveals the true colour of the food by looking for a score of 80 or more.

Take care not to take mood lighting to extremes. Whilst an over bright restaurant or bar is not conducive to relaxation, neither is being unable to read the menu or see the food.

Do not be seduced by statement luminaires to the detriment of the light itself. Exceptional illumination is all about painting your space with light.

Finally, introducing colour changing LED lights is an excellent option, particularly in bars since they provide theatrical effects and make it easy to alter the mood. As a very early specialist in the design and manufacture of LED illumination, Collingwood has been at the forefront of colour changing light fittings for almost two decades, and we offer a wide range including downlights, ground lights for recessing into floors and stairways, wall and strip lights in both RGB and RGBW, as well as light bars and a fibre optic injector.

If you wish to consider outdoor lighting for your venue, follow the link. While our lighting design service team will always be delighted to assist with your project, whatever its scale.

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  1. THEA 32W
    THEA 32W
    Colour switchable, dimmable, plug & play commercial downlight
  2. THEA 24W
    THEA 24W
    Colour switchable, dimmable, plug & play commercial downlight
  3. THEA 16W
    THEA 16W
    Colour switchable, dimmable, plug & play commercial downlight
  4. THEA 12W
    THEA 12W
    Colour switchable, dimmable, plug & play commercial downlight
  5. WL92 12W
    WL92 12W
    Straight to mains, general purpose LED bulkhead
  6. WL92 19W
    WL92 19W
    Straight to mains, general purpose LED bulkhead
  7. FL01 PIR
    FL01 PIR
    10W colour switchable floodlight
  8. FL01
    10W colour switchable floodlight
  9. FL02 PIR
    FL02 PIR
    20W colour switchable floodlight
  10. FL02
    20W colour switchable floodlight
  11. FL03
    30W colour switchable floodlight
  12. FL03 PIR
    FL03 PIR
    30W colour switchable floodlight
  13. FL05
    50W colour switchable floodlight
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