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Introducing the H2 Pro 550 CS - Collingwood Lighting's first colour switchable downlight

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The H2 Pro 550 CS is our colour switchable innovation, bringing simplification and adaptability to the LED lighting market.

With no complicated wiring or additional installation time, this new technology allows the user to easily switch between colour temperatures, simply using the wall switch. Simply flick the switch off and quickly back on again to change between 6500K, 4000K and 3000K.

Plus, with a reengineered driver design insulation can be laid directly on top of the product, without sacrificing lifetime or performance: simplifying and reducing the contractor’s time on site.

These new features exclusive to the H2 Pro 550 CS are at no compromise to the product performance. With an outstanding efficacy of up to 94lm/W, push-fit terminal connector, product lifetime of 70,000 hours plus our 7-year extended warranty and wide choice of interchangeable bezels, it’s the H2 Pro 550 our customers love, but with 3 times the functionality.

For more information about the H2 Pro 550 CS click here, get in touch here or call our team on 01604 495151.

H6 Lite - the new Essentially Collingwood commercial LED downlight

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Collingwood Lighting’s latest LED lighting solution is the new H6 Lite.

With a wide beam angle of 100° and a large output of over 3000 lumens, this luminaire provides a broad, powerful and consistent spread of light, ideal for large commercial spaces with above average ceiling heights.

Plus, it emits more light than 2 x 26W CFL fittings and is equivalent to an 100W AR111, with a greater efficacy of over 97lm/W. So not only does it boast better performance and a reassuring 5-year extended warranty, but it’s also light on energy consumption and bills.

To find out more about the H6 Lite and how and where it can be used, click here, call our team on 01604 495151 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The new and improved H2 Pro 550 - innovation you can depend on

Monday, 20 November 2017

Following years of continual upgrades and innovation, we've once again improved our most popular LED downlight - the H2 Pro 550. Featuring even more innovative upgrades for ease of installation and reduced running costs.

Whilst maintaining a high lumen output of over 550lm, we've reduced the wattage to 5.2W: resulting in a staggering efficacy of over 100lm/W. Plus we've once again reduced the profile of the product, making it even easier to install.

These updates are in addition to the H2 Pro quality and features you can depend on - fire-rated, dimmable and available with our seven-year extended warranty.

Plus a choice of two beam angles - 38° and 70° - 12 different interchangeable bezel options and an IP65 rating ensure that the H2 Pro 550 remains the professional's downlight.

For more information click here, call our team on 01604 495151 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The H2 Lite T - new and improved

Friday, 17 November 2017

Following the successful launch of the next generation H2 Lite, we’ve conducted extensive research and testing, and collected valuable customer feedback, to create the new H2 Lite T.

For reduced time on site and ‘straight out of the box’ functionality, the H2 Lite T is now insulation coverable and comes with a push-fit terminal connector for easy install.

And, for our latest innovation, a fresh design approach has also enabled us to reduce the wattage to just 4.4W, whilst maintaining the same light levels: creating a market-leading efficacy of over 100lm/W.

Plus, with all the usual performance and reliability you can expect from Collingwood downlights, you can fit-and-forget with confidence.

To find out more about the H2 Lite T, click here or call our team on 01604 495151.

The H2 Pro Elect - Concealed Brightness

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

After extensive research, development and testing, Collingwood Lighting is proud to announce the arrival of our truly low glare downlight – the H2 Pro Elect.

Designed with visual comfort at its forefront, this skilfully engineered fitting combines an optically designed reflector with recessed LEDs to maximise lighting control and eliminate unwanted glare. Resulting in an under 14 UGR fire-rated downlight that produces 640lm at 75lm/W across a 45° beam angle.

H2 Pro Elect - the truly low glare downlight

Available with the option of our new dim to warm technology, our latest innovation optimises the best of high performance and visual comfort to create spaces where the focus is returned to comfort, enjoyment, or function, not the source of the light.

To find out more about our newest technology and the difference a truly low glare product can make to a space click here or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01604 495151.

Collingwood Lighting joins LIAQA scheme

Friday, 19 May 2017

Collingwood Lighting is pleased to announce that we are now a member of the LIAQA scheme, and were nominated for the prestigious LIAQA award.

The purpose of the LIAQA (Lighting Industry Association Quality Assurance) scheme is to “ensure that suppliers of lighting and lighting related products have structures in place that fully address product compliance.”

Membership in this scheme reassures customers that “quality is a key component of the complete design and production process.”

Andrew Jackson, Collingwood’s Quality and Compliance Manager says, “this is an outstanding result for Collingwood on two accounts: firstly we became an LIAQA Assured Company; secondly we were nominated for the prestigious LIAQA 2017 Award from over 130 participants and received joint runner up.”

“As well as the added value the above brings, this highlights and reassures our customers that our systems have been independently verified and meet the high standards of Europe’s largest trade association. We share the LIA’s value of promoting best practice in the lighting sector, and these achievements clearly demonstrate this.”

To find out more about the LIA and LIAQA scheme click here.


5 questions to help you choose the right downlight

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

With over 20 downlights in our range, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. If you’re working on a project and can’t decide which to use, answer these questions to make sure you match your downlight and project perfectly.

1 - Where are you aiming the light?

If you need to angle your light we have a number of solutions. For light fixed at an angle, the asymmetric H5 500 and H5 1000 are ideal for lighting artwork and walls.

If the focus of the light is likely to change regularly or if flexibility of light direction is key, adjustable lights may be the answer. For a full 360° tilt, choose the H4 Eyeball, for 20° in each direction choose the H4 FF or H4 Pro 700 T.

If you’re lacking artwork to highlight, create some yourself by setting the lights close to the walls to create scallops of light.

2 - Are you creating an atmospheric environment?

Our entire Pro range and the DM01 are available with a CCT of 2700 kelvin, creating a halogen-like warmth in a space that’s perfect for cosy living rooms and bedrooms, where practicality is less important than ambience. Combine with a dimmer switch for an extra level of atmosphere.

3 - Are you installing downlights in a kitchen or bathroom?

For an environment where there is risk of splashes, such as a kitchen, an IP rating of at least IP44 is essential. In bathrooms, the IP rating you need is dependant on the zone it will be installed in. View page 289 of our catalogue here for more information on bathroom zones. For lights suitable for zone 1 look for IP65 and for zone 2 look for IP44.

4 - Do you want to recreate the look of a traditional halogen lamp?

For the look and feel of a traditional halogen lamp, with all the benefits of an LED, our single source downlights are ideal. Try the H2 Pro 700, H4 Pro 700 T or H2 Lite.

5 - Are you retro-fitting 50W halogens?

At 400 lumens, the H2 Lite is the perfect low-energy replacement. Equivalent to a 50W halogen, it not only has a longer lifetime, but will also cut down energy bills. Use our Cost Savings Calculator to find out how much can be saved and click here to watch our H2 Lite video.


To view our entire downlight range click here. For deciding where to place your downlight read our blog post.

If you have any further questions about which downlights to use, our Lighting Design and Sales teams are on hand to help, call us on 01604 495151 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

One light, any room: Collingwood Lighting launches new all-round entry-level downlight

Monday, 20 March 2017

Collingwood Lighting has launched a brand new entry-level downlight which provides a cost-effective, no-fuss LED solution that can be easily fitted throughout any installation.

The next generation H2 Lite has been created in response to demand from customers who asked for an entry-level downlight with all the Collingwood Lighting values of performance and reliability.

Adding to our range of single source downlights, the H2 Lite is the optimum solution for those buildings which require one light to suit all purposes throughout a building, without the need for detailed design and project planning.

The energy-saving benefits of LED lighting are undisputable and the H2 Lite offers a more viable, affordable option for people looking to make the switch and start reaping those rewards straight away.

This cost-effectiveness, combined with the H2 Lite’s integral driver and flying lead for simple installation, means fitting out a whole building with money-saving LED lighting couldn’t be easier. The average home could save almost £300 per year on their energy bills, based on 30 H2 Lite fittings in place of halogen lamps.

Despite the fact that it’s entry level, there is no compromise on quality. The H2 Lite has been built to Collingwood Lighting’s high standards and comes with over 400 lumens; two LED colour temperatures and boasts an excellent efficacy of 74 lumens per Watt. Using a compact design with an integral mains dimmable power supply as standard, the H2 Lite is flicker-free when dimming, only 5.8W, and IP65 rated, making it the perfect choice for every room.

It is available with a 55° beam angle and can be used as part of a new installation, or when looking to replace existing lights, so it really is the perfect all-round everyday LED downlight.

The H2 Lite comes with a four-year extended warranty, and a tested 40,000-hour lamp life, so you can fit and forget with confidence.

To find out more, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01604 495151. Looking for more light output? Try the H2 Pro 700.

Chelsea garden moves to it's new home

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

You probably caught the BBC’s DIY SOS: The Big Build on Thursday the 10th, so we don’t need to tell you how amazing the latest project was (if you missed it don’t worry, you can catch up here). This time the DIY SOS team took on the grand feat of moving an entire garden from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to the boiler room roof (yes roof!) of Great Ormond Street Hospital, the UK’s largest paediatric hospital. We were delighted when Landscapeplus asked us to get involved and beyond proud to donate a number of our lights to this worthy cause.

Chris Beardshaw, the designer of the garden, was given the daunting challenge of creating a garden that was not only worthy of being shown at the Chelsea Flower Show, but also adaptable, portable and capable of providing a calming retreat for young patients and their families.

When we saw the Morgan Stanley garden at Chelsea in May, we were in awe of the imagination and creativity that had gone into designing and building such a beautiful garden. Chris had successfully created a beautiful woodland scheme with a natural tone sprinkled with vibrant dashes of colour.

Admittedly, we were slightly skeptical. How could a gold medal winning garden, featuring so many different elements; custom made pergolas, sculptures, an array of lights, and hundreds, if not thousands, of plants possibly be dismantled, transported across London, and then put back together again on a hospital roof? And all without causing serious damage to either the roof or the garden?

As you’ll see in the episode, with 3 weeks of hard work from Chris, the DIY SOS team and the generous volunteers, they defied belief and pulled it off. When we visited the grand unveiling in June we could not believe our eyes.

After walking into the hospital - from the manic, noisy streets of London bursting with traffic, tourists and commuters - and back out into the garden, ours jaws dropped. Somehow they had managed to create a tranquil oasis, right in the centre of the city. Providing a breath of fresh air that will provide a respite for the visitors and patients for years to come.

View our gallery of images of the garden at Chelsea, and watch the episode on BBC iPlayer to see both versions of the garden, and how it will make a real difference to the hospital. Find out more about Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and the amazing work they do here.

7 ways to use ground lights

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Are you stuck for ideas? Looking for inspiration for your next interior or exterior project? Look no further, LED ground lights are the perfect versatile solution. Keep reading for 7 different ideas for using them in your next project.

  1. Use small lights with a narrow beam to make a garden look more dramatic at night. The narrow beam angle creates specific lit areas without flooding areas with too much light. This effect is also perfect for uplighting building exteriors as it keeps the light between windows, without lighting the inside.

    Suggested lights; GL019 SPOT, GL040, GL090.

  2. Change the colour of flowers and plants with our colour change range. Pick a colour and create different moods from the comfort of your arm chair with our range of colour change controllers.

    Suggested lights; GL040CARGB, GL090RGBW, GL007RGBW

  3. If you can’t decide on a colour for a building, use large colour change ground lights to change the colour of the exterior at the touch of a button.

    Suggested lights; GL007RGBW, GL008RGBW 

  4. Use small, subtle ground lights indoors to add a layer of low-level light to your scheme. Add to bedrooms for soft light, perfect for early mornings when other lights would be too harsh. Use our low glare ground lights with integral baffles for an even softer tone of light.

    Suggested lights; GL018, GL019 LG, GL050

  5. Highlight steps, pathways and arches to light the way through outdoor spaces at night. Position the light to run across steps using a narrow beam angle so that the edge of the steps are not lost causing a trip hazard.

    Suggested lights; GL019 S, GL021, GL022, GL034A, WL339, WL340, WL341, WL342

  6. Light up trees with strong beams to add a beautiful natural feature to a garden or outdoor spaces. Create a feature that stands out by using a different colour temperature to that of the rest of the lighting scheme.

    Suggested lights; GL007A, GL008A, GL009A

  7. They’re also a great alternative to downlights, use them outside to light soffits and inside to light shelves and niches.

    Suggested lights; GL040, GL090, GL019

Let us know how you’ve used ground lights by sending us your photos on Facebook or Twitter and Instagram using #CollingwoodLighting.


Are you still stuck for ideas for using ground lights in your lighting scheme? Visit our ‘Products in Situation’ pages for inspiration or call our lighting design team on 01604 495151, who would be happy to advise. 

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